This is our leadership team, a group of strategy experts from distinct backgrounds,
always looking to challenge the status-quo and look beyond the obvious.

An alumni of McKinsey & Company, and Booz Company, Ralph has more than 15 years of strategy consulting and entrepreneurship experience. A father of 4, he is passionate about philosophy and history.

‍Bou Nassif

Roger has more than 12 years experience in strategy consulting, working for Monitor Deloitte in Paris and Dubai, and as an independent adviser for the public and private sector. A proud dog owner, Roger is a fervent movies enthusiast and a passionate traveler


An architect and expert in design with experience in top bureaus in London and Beirut, Marc leads the R&D and innovation work at Strathaus.An accomplished entrepreneur and CEO, Marc is passionate about scientific research and the future

Bou Nassif


At Strathaus, there is always room for people who are excited about strategy as much as we are.

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