We believe that small incremental changes inevitably lead to irrelevance.
We help companies craft the big moves that will deliver substantial
performance improvement.

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How we think about strategy

Strategy is about real alternatives

We believe the essence of strategy is to debate true alternatives that are different in nature, direction, and outcomes. Only by questioning what may seem as the obvious that companies can find the big moves needed to adapt and win.

Strategy should focus on what matters

We believe the first step of any strategic exercise is to identify the “center of gravity”: the one articulation that, if solved, will unlock the most value. We focus our attention on this center of gravity and structure the strategic approach around it.

Strategy is continuous

5-year strategic plans are dead (at least they should be). We believe strategy should become a continuous breathing part of the organization through embedded processes, tools, and new capabilities. Our typical strategy projects are short, to the point, and allow for permanent testing and adaptation.

Strategy is a creative & collaborative process

Finding a true strategic alternative can come from unsuspected sources. We open the strategy development process to creative thinkers that can bring fresh perspectives on matters. We combine this with a collaborative approach with our clients where their input is seeked and valued.

Strategy is not a document in a drawer

A vision that cannot be implemented is simply useless. We translate strategic decisions into clear initiatives that the team can start executing immediately. To do so we believe in short, clear 90-days cycles with clear responsibilities, objectives, and key results where clients can continuously build, measure and learn.

Our approach

Our engagement model deploys over 5 sprints, with a review 90 days after delivery.

Sprint 1

Defining success

“Understanding the question is half the answer”.
We invest significant time upfront to ensure we understand the context and identify the exact problematic we are trying to solve. We also invest early on in process alignment so that we can focus our project time on content.

Sprint 2

Company & market discovery

Through data collection, surveys, interviews, and research, we build a thorough understanding of essential company articulations pertaining to its vision, products, customers, stakeholders, market context, and competitive landscape.

Sprint 3

Diagnostic & center of gravity

Following the discovery phase, we conduct a diagnostic of the company to better understand its essential strengths and limitations. Most importantly, we define and address the company’s center of gravity: the one strategic decision that when solved will unlock most value for our clients.

Sprint 4

Strategic choices & design

We explore strategic pathways for the company, and together with our clients and external experts, we sit in co-creation sessions where we present, debate, and align on the company’s strategic course.

Sprint 5


Once we reach strategic alignment, we on-board the wider team on the strategy, and develop 90-days, tangible action plans that are immediately deployable. We also train the teams and provide tools to update the strategy continuously.


90-days after sprint 5, we often come back and ensure that everything is on track. We work with your teams to measure performance and update the strategic plan accordingly. This cycle can happen every 90 days depending on your needs.

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